natalie / texas / real life april ludgate

It’s almost amusing how much you’ve convinced yourself that he cheated on you with me. News flash: he didn’t. I’m not a home wrecker. Nothing happened.

I get that you’re bitter about it but don’t be a shitty human just because you’re unhappy and need to justify your personal issues with yourself to your own self. Get a fucking life. Get the fuck over it. Move the fuck on.

Don’t make up bullshit just to feel better about yourself. Self-pity isn’t a cute look for anyone.

how i managed to end up with the most incredible human being on earth, i’m not sure. most of the time i feel so undeserving.

i’m not even certain i have the words to describe how i feel most days, i just know there’s never been another time in my life that i’ve ever felt happier.